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Connecting a world of Malayalees

Radio Jaiho, an initiative by Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC), is an online radio that connects Malayalees worldwide. It was created on 15th August 2022 for our ever-energetic ‘naatukaars’ everywhere!
From politics to entertainment, information to motivation, and various other areas like news, history, music and culture, we have programmes which talk about almost everything Malayalees wish to hear. Whether you're sipping some tea and in the mood for evergreen songs or want some new information to start a conversation with your friends tomorrow, Radio Jaiho is there for you!
Young or old, we have content for every age group. Anybody can enjoy Radio Jaiho! So get ready to treat your ears to a wonderful new experience.

Everywhere.. at all times

Radio Jaiho is an online radio, and the internet is there everywhere and at all times. So are we!
You could be chopping vegetables for dinner in Kochi or jogging in a park in London, we reach all of your ears at the same time. You don't need to tune your devices to the right frequency to listen to us, all you need to do is download our app!
Our mantra is to connect the 45 million Malayalees worldwide and give them content that satisfies their every mood and need. Whether you’re bored, want to relax and invoke a sense of nostalgia or sit down and analyze some hard news, Radio Jaiho has got you covered.

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